Dorothy Raley


101 North Washington Avenue, Room 106

El Dorado, Arkansas 71730-5661

Phone: (870) 864-1930
Facsimile: (870) 864-1934

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

8:30am – 5:00pm

(Closed Federal and State Holidays with the exception of Columbus Day)


Rick East, Chief Deputy

Shawna Pate

Cody Ray

Cassie Reed

The Collector is responsible for billing and collection of County taxes (the majority of funds collected going to County schools and portions to other County offices as well as municipalities (city offices, firemen and policemen pensions, libraries, streets and city liens accrued for property maintenance) and fire protection and improvement districts. At month's end, all collections are turned over to the Treasurer for disbursement to the previously named entities.


Tax books open March 1st and to avoid penalty and interest must be paid by October 15th or the day following if either of these days falls on a weekend. Tax statements are mailed promptly following tax rolls opening. Tax payments postmarked October 15th will also be accepted without penalty. If paying at the office or by mail please bring or return your statement. If you do not have a statement or copy to bring with you, please be sure to tell us what you are trying to pay on or who you are paying for. Personal taxes are for vehicles or business/company contents (fixtures), real estate taxes are for land, property, mobile homes and lease and royalties which are for mineral interests. You are responsible for knowing what you own. We want to ensure taxes are paid in full so you have no problem in the future. For your convenience, we also have a mail slot located to the right of our collection windows.


Taxes are delinquent after the day October 15th or the day following if either of these days falls on a weekend. If possible, please have your tax statement or property information ready and contact the Collector’s office for the amount as penalties and interest are added and the amounts are subject to change. Personal property is penalized only once, real estate and mineral property interest increases monthly until paid. The amount you owe must be paid by cash, cashier’s check or money order as personal checks are not accepted on delinquent taxes. Delinquent information is published in our local newspaper late November or early December of each year.


Real estate (with the exception of mobile homes/improvements only) or producing mineral taxes unpaid for a two-year period are forwarded to Commissioner of State Lands for collection. If after two years at State level taxes remain unpaid they will go up for public land sale. When taxes are paid before the two-year period at the State level there will still be current year taxes due at County level unless it is after October 15th and current taxes will be collected. When a property is redeemed please be sure to check the redemption deed to know which years have been redeemed. For more information on redeeming properties or property sale information please contact the Commissioner of State Lands, (501) 324-9422. land@aristotle.net or www.state.ar.us/land/land.html.  Certified property is listed in our local newspaper one time between January and June, and after a thirty day period from that date is forwarded to State.


In order for new residents to have new vehicle tags if you have moved from another Arkansas county we must call for a tax clearance from the previous county in which you lived. Payment must be made to that county by cashier’s check or money order and given to this county (we must mail payment along with your change of address) for you to be cleared at the Revenue Office. If you are a new resident from another state and have not lived in Arkansas previously, go to the Assessor’s Office and assess. In most instances they will stamp your assessment sheet and send you to the Revenue Office. If your assessment sheet is not stamped, please be sure to see the Collector’s Office before leaving the Court House. For Arkansas Drivers’ License, State sales tax for licensing regulations and fees please contact the Revenue Office, (870) 863-3862 (236 American Road, El Dorado, office hours Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 6:00pm) or (870) 725-3334 (807 Broadway, Smackover, office hours Monday - Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm, closed for lunch 12:30pm - 1:30pm).


Disabled Veterans who receive a form from the Veteran’s Administration Office are encouraged to bring their forms as soon as they receive them in order for their statement to reflect the correct information. In order to receive a full credit on your personal taxes (vehicle(s)) (in veteran or spouse name only) and real estate taxes (residence only) you must be considered totally and permanently disabled due to your service-disconnected disabilities. Spouses of deceased veterans are also eligible if you have your dependency and indemnity compensation form.  If you have any questions concerning these forms please contact us before March 1st of each year. We keep a file which must be updated annually and must receive a form each year for this entitlement. For more information on Veteran entitlements please contact our local Veteran’s Office, 101 North Washington Avenue, Room 109, or (870) 864-1909, Monday – Wednesday, 6:00am – 3:00pm.

If you have any questions we are here to help you, please feel free to call.